British Airways: damned by faint praise?

There are a number of issues with the current practice at British Airways to use the PA system to thank the cabin staff “for their hard work” towards the end of a flight.

First it is too impersonal and generalised to have any real meaning or value for the staff. And if it is as much of a routine or procedure as it now seems, it actually makes a mockery of praise and recognition, probably increasing levels of cynicism and feelings of not really being recognised.

Second it makes me feel like I’ve been a burden to the staff and somehow even guilty. On my last flight for example they served me a drink and a meal, and could then be seen reading the Daily Mail, chatting to each other and even massaging each other behind the closed curtains of the galley! And this has been “hard work”. Was I really that difficult and demanding a passenger?

I wonder what if any are the links between this strange practice and BA’s downturn in cabin service, attentiveness and quality?

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1 Response to British Airways: damned by faint praise?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Blimey Peter you are becoming an Grumpy Old Man! However I agree with everything you say. They get paid to do their job and the Chairman doesn’t do a general announcement at the end of each day thanking us for our work!!! Surely praise or thanks should be personal to mean anything to an individual.Good to see you blogging.

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